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The young French brand Mes Demoiselles was created in 2006 and immediately managed to surprise sophisticated Paris, and then the whole fashion world. Today, the brand is represented in the most famous department stores around the world and in multi-brand boutiques, competing with well-known luxury brands.

The creator of the brand, Anita Radovanovic, relied on the ancestral traditions of weaving, was inspired by the endless palette of natural shades, combined the boho style and the desire to make clothes an expression of individuality in her work.

The style of the Mes Demoiselles Paris brand is easily recognizable and very in tune with the modern urban dweller, who is looking for originality and freedom, who wants to be special and timeless elegance. The simplicity of silhouettes and shapes organically sets off luxurious handmade fabrics.

The Mes Demoiselles Paris collection is a whole world where the dream lives without interruption from reality, and clothes give real pleasure and sensual pleasure.